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    6-axis laser micro-machining center


    Typically used for surgical tools, the 6-axis laser micro-machining center is designed for laser cutting small-diameter parts in complex configurations.

    An entirely servo-controlled translation axes architecture achieves constant velocity and cutting conditions throughout a range of operating conditions, enabling 24/7 operations. The granite-structure-based motion subsystem offers long-term stability and precision.

    A 300W, high-stability, SPI fiber laser is integrated and delivered by fine kerf optics, operating in CDRH Class 1 mode.

    The machine is equipped with an automated access door, light curtain, and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtered exhaust system for gas and debris removal. An automated location gaging system enables fast loading by an operator or robot.

    Machine operation is based on a Windows-based CNC digital servo control with G&M-code RS-274 capability nuFace with operator and engineering mode for continuous machine control and monitoring functions.

    Nutec Components Inc.