25 years for Flex in Hungary – new investments and hirings

EMS provider Flex has a 25 year old history in Hungary, and now its time again to add some production muscles to the operation.
The manufacturer recently celebrated its 25 years of business in Hungary with the inauguration of a new production line at its manufacturing operations in Zalaegerszeg – which was its first manufacturing facility in the country. Besides the plant in Zalaegerszeg, the company has operations Sárvár and Tab.

The company is investing more than EUR 10 million in this new capacity extension, which has become necessary to meet the growing demand. Within this scope a manufacturing workshop has been renewed and highly automated machines have been purchased, according to a report from HIPA – the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency. A new production line has been installed for the manufacturing of energy recovery systems and high performance electrical circuits relying on a brand new surface mould technology.

With the new SMT (Surface Mould Technology) production lines and the newly established manufacturing cells (developed for tailor-made products) Flex will manufacture communications modules for motor vehicles, energy recuperation systems and high performance electronic circuits, and also create 100 new jobs.

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