Incap to continue to operate with reduce capacity in India

The Indian state of Karnataka continues the fight against the ongoing pandemic by extending the measures taken to limit for instance social gatherings. The lock-down in Karnataka has been extended until 5 July 2021. However, the state government has given a number of concessions indicating a phased opening up in the coming weeks, EMS provider Incap reports.

Incap says that it’s permission to operate its factories is still in force and it will continue to operate, however with somewhat reduced capacity following the government guidelines.

The company has been very clear that it doesn’t expect the closure and the partial operations of the factories in India to have any negative impact on the company’s outlook for 2020. Incap estimates that its revenue, operating profit (EBIT) and adjusted operating profit (EBIT) for 2021 will be clearly higher than in 2020.


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