SHENMAO Technology, Inc. Joins iNEMI

SHENMAO Technology, Inc., the leading Soldering Materials Manufacturer in Asia since 1973, has joined iNEMI, the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative a not-for-profit, highly efficient R&D Consortium of approximately 90 leading Electronics Manufacturers, Suppliers, Associations, Government Agencies and Universities, to participate in Advancing Manufacturing Technologies.

For more than 44 years, SHENMAO has been dedicated to produce Solder Products including Water Soluble and No-clean Solder Paste, Laser Solder Paste, Cored Solder Wire, Wave Solder Bar Alloys, Wave Soldering Fluxes, Extremely Pure Solder Powder up to Type 8, BGA and Micro BGA Solder Sphere, Wafer Level Packaging Solder Paste and Fluxes, LED Die Attach Paste, High Performance Liquid Fluxes, Solder Preform, Solar Ribbon, Plating Anode used in PCB Fabrication, Assembly and Semiconductor Packaging Processes.

As an award-winning supplier of Electronics Assembly Materials, SHENMAO’s Advanced Material Development Center is collaborating closely with Electronic Manufacturers, Universities, and Research Organizations in the field of Innovative Solder Materials, Assembly, and Advanced Packaging Technology.

We place quality at the heart of everything we do, and consistently provide excellent service to our customers. SHENMAO Technology, Inc. has established manufacturing sites all over the world to provide instant delivery and support

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