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    Jarek Moleda Joins Dymax Corporation

    Dymax is a leader in light-curable adhesives.
    Dymax is a leader in light-curable adhesives.
    Dymax is a leader in light-curable adhesives.

    Jarek Moleda, a well-known business professional with over 15 years of experience in the marketing and sales of medical and laboratory equipment has recently joined Dymax Corporation. The company hired Jarek as Chief Marketing and Research & Development Officer. Dymax Corporation is an industry leader in light-curable adhesive, masking and coating products in use in many market sectors like medical, aerospace, automotive, and electronics applications. Jarek’s long experience in the medical device industry has given him unique insights that will benefit Dymax greatly. “Jarek’s vast body of experience in sales and marketing ensures that he is a vital asset for the company’s present and future operations.” To learn more about Jarek, visit https://jarekmoleda.wordpress.com/.

    Dymax Corporation is based in Torrington, Connecticut and has offices and manufacturing facilities around the world.  The company was founded in 1980 and quickly earned a reputation for its innovative products and engineering excellence, developing a range of oligomers, UV-activated adhesives, and dispensing and light-curing equipment for OEM and aftermarket manufacturing applications. Jarek will bring its talents to the corporate headquarters, where he will, among many other tasks, oversee the company’s marketing and R&D teams. Throughout his professional career, he has been well-regarded for his ability to identify new business opportunities and to implement impactful marketing strategies to expand market share across many market segments. His global business acumen will also help the team and the company develop new markets and grow existing accounts, particularly in all major regions, including Americas, Europe and Asia.

    As the Chief for Research and Development activities for Dymax, Jarek Moleda possesses a sizeable amount of skill in this arena. In his work with global medical device blue chip companies, he had the opportunity to develop drug delivery systems and patient-sampling devices, which resulted in successful market launch of several new products covered by the United States and international patents.  He understands the complex regulatory requirements and ISO standards that are behind every new medical innovation, and has been able to successfully guide and support several high-profile medical companies through these hurdles.  Jarek has experience at all levels of the medical device design and manufacturing processes, from concept development to implementation to production with plastic components molding, insert/over-molding, automated assembly, packaging and distribution for successful commercialization. This wide body of expertise has made him highly sought-after by many corporations. “My experience and Dymax’s needs are a perfect fit,” says Jarek. “At Dymax, I can lead global strategic marketing and R&D activities with the ultimate goal to support key sales initiatives and market needs requiring very often fully-integrated system approach and customer-specific solutions combining chemistry and equipment.”  For more information about Jarek, his background, and his work in the medical device industry, visithttp://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00092474-jarek-moleda-on-medical-device-development-strategies.html.

    About Jarek Moleda

    With over 15 years of high-level experience in the sales and marketing of medical devices, laboratory instruments, and precision equipment, Jarek Moleda has developed a reputation for excellence. His expertise lies in developing innovative systems for global OEM customers, as well as in identifying and exploiting emerging markets. A solid understanding of the world’s medical device markets has made him a valuable asset at his current and previous positions.

    Jarek Moleda

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