CSIL/PCB Power offers cost effective solution for assembly of prototype and small quantity PCBs

PCB_Power_stencil__Reflow_oven_product_photoCircuit Systems India Ltd (CSIL) / PCB Power are a leading Indian PCB manufacturer. The company is manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs) since 1996 and actively serving aerospace, defence, automotive, industrial electronics, railways and metering and telecom markets globally for their PCB requirements up to 24 layers.

The company has recently launched SMD Reflow oven and stencil printer, which are most suitable assembly set up for small quantity end users, R&D houses, students, and hobbiest.

The SMD reflow oven and stencil printer have so many features like  portable, proto type SMD , easy to operate, programmable, low operational cost, zero maintenance, live profile simulation and economical  viability. The SMD stencil printer uses a simple pin-registration system for fast and precise set-up with low-cost frameless stainless-steel stencils. SMD reflow oven gives an even temperature across the board under total user control throughout the soldering process.

To know more, please visit: www.pcbpower.com.

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