Introducing A New Range Of Products From Nordson Sealant Equipment

From bulk material supply to automation and precision metering, our new product range has the capabilities you need.

We’ve been busy creating the products you told us you needed to further drive productivity and quality, while complementing our extensive portfolio of precision 1 and 2 component dispense valves.


Pro-Meter® V2K – a compact, cost-effective and precision 2 component meter that’s big on reliability and massive on precision. Featuring positive rod displacement technology, important when accuracy is vital and performance is essential.

Positively the toughest compact 2K meter around. Learn more here or watch the video.

Precision + Performance = Pro-Meter V2K


Pro-Meter Star2K

Pro-Meter® H2K, A2K and D2K meter range for 2 component materials. Powered by our positive rod displacement metering technology, delivering precision as standard, the range features versatile drive options to suit customer application needs.

With an innovative design and tough construction, our range won’t let you down when you need to get the job done – without compromising on
quality or production speed, whatever you throw in the mix.

Dependable Dispensing.



Rhino SD Single Post Pump

The all new design Rhino® Bulk Unloader, for the efficient dispensing of high-viscosity, ambient temperature sealants and adhesives, enabling customers to increase production throughput and reduce material waste.

Perfect for 1 and 2 component materials, Rhino is designed for demanding manufacturing environments, using durable components and wear resistant coatings.

Strength and Performance. By Design.




XYZ Valve Series Robot

Valve Series 3 Axis Tabletop Robot, a simple automated dispensing system that brings repeatability and precision to desktop applications.

Ideal for potting or bead applications, either 1 component or 2 component materials.

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