New Computer-on-Module With Soldered RAM

Congatec introduced its 11th Gen Intel Core based Computer-on-Module with soldered RAM.

Soldered RAMs on computer modules allow for better placement of components on PCB. This results in a more efficient circuit layout. Soldered RAM also benefits the thermal management of the circuit. Many laptop and computer processors, nowadays, feature soldered RAM for better reliability.

Congatec announces a new 11th Gen Intel Core processor based Computer-on-Modules (COM) with soldered RAM. It is shock resistant, vibration resistant and designed to withstand temperature ranges of -40°C to +85°C. The COMs are useful in commercial vehicles, construction machines, agricultural vehicles, self-driving robots and many other mobile applications. In such outdoor applications, shock and vibration resistance is important. The COM integrates LPDDR4X RAM with up to 4266 MT/s and in-band error-correcting code (IBECC) for single failure tolerance and high data transmission quality in EMI critical environments.

At the core of this module is an 11th Gen Intel Core processor with 4 cores, 8 threads, and up to 96 graphics execution units for massive parallel processing throughput. It claims to support many AI and Deep learning capabilities using Intel technologies. Moreover, workloads can be extended across CPU, GPU and FPGA compute units to accelerate AI workloads, including computer vision, audio, speech, and language recognition systems using Intel OpenVINO software toolkit. The TDP is configurable from 12W to 28W.


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