Nordson DAGE announces the introduction of a new method for testing Thin Die

Nordson DAGE a division of Nordson Corporation continue to meet the challenges for micro materials testing with the introduction of a new test method for the evaluation of die strength by means of cantilever bending where 3 point bending is not suitable for die with a thickness of less than 50 microns.

Die with thickness below 50 microns tend to be very compliant, in fact so much so that it becomes virtually impossible to apply a test load. Cantilever bend utilizes the shear action and precision controlled step back capability of the 4000Plus combined with special fixturing and software to bend the die at a fixed height (the loading height) from the datum plane. The method enables the calculation of flexural strength in Megapascals (Mpa) at the point of break.

The market drive for smaller, thinner mobile devices, memory cards and smart cards is creating challenges for both manufacturing and test. Cantilever bend is the result of a many months of work with a SEMI task force consortium Japan.

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