RECOM Regulated 10w DC/DC Converters with Wide Input Range

RECOM’s new RP10-A and RP10-AW series include a range of DC/DC converters for applications where wide input range and accurate regulation are key factors. Typical applications include battery-powered systems, instrumentation, or distributed power architectures in telecommunication or industrial electronics.

recomThe compact 1”x1” modules with industry-standard footprint offer a wide 4:1 (RP10-AW: 9-36V and 18-75V) or 2:1 (RP10-A: 9-18V, 18-36V and 36-75V) input voltage range and are available with single (3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V) or dual outputs (±5V, ±12V, ±15V). They can be used in a wide operating temperature range of -40°C up to +100°C (derating starts at 78°C depending on the model and cooling method) and offer an efficiency of 91%. The converters can be ordered with optional positive or negative control logic. Additional features include under-voltage lockout, short-circuit, over-current and over-temperature protection. The outputs can be trimmed by ±10% to perfectly fit the needs of the load.

The modules have a built-in EMI filter to meet EN55022, class A. Class B can be achieved easily with a small capacitor (<10µF). The series are UL60950-1 certified. They come with RECOM’s standard 3 year warranty. Samples are available from all of RECOM´s global distributors.

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