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    Vietnam gears up for 11th Eco-products International Fair

    Vietnam gears up for 11th Eco-products International Fair

    EPIF 2017 to focus on future-proofing productivity and sustainable industrial development initiatives in member countries. Includes a three-day parallel conference on Action for the Future and Moving toward a Virtuous Circle for Sustainable Development. Scientific Workshop on Applications of Environmentally Friendly Technologies in Waste Treatment to be held 12 May 2017.

    TOKYO, JAPAN – Media OutReach – 5 May 2017 – The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) along with the Vietnam National Productivity Institute (VNPI), Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), and Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA) will host the 11th Eco-products International Fair (EPIF 2017) at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) in Ho Chi Minh City, 11–13 May 2017.

    Organized with the support of the Vietnamese Ministry of Science & Technology and Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, the EPIF 2017 will promote and raise stakeholder awareness of sustainable development through the production and consumption of eco-friendly products, services, and technologies. The theme Green Technologies and Products: Action for the Future focuses on future-proofing productivity efforts and achieving sustainable industrial development and growth in APO member countries.

    The EPIF is one of the largest international environmental exhibitions in Asia, and this is the second time for Vietnam to host the event. The 11th EPIF will also provide opportunities for domestic and international businesses to introduce their latest environmentally friendly equipment, products, and services. Industry players can explore business collaborations, investment cooperation, trade promotion, and technology transfers. The fair is also a good opportunity for local counterparts to build national strategies, identify needs, and promote activities for green growth in Vietnam.

    Another highlight of the EPIF 2017 is a parallel event with workshop sessions. The APO is organizing a three-day International Environmental and Economic Forum focusing on Action for the Future and Moving toward a Virtuous Circle for Sustainable Development, and the VEA is holding a scientific workshop on Applications of Environmentally Friendly Technologies in Waste Treatment on 12 May.

    The EPIF 2017 will also host an Environmental Policy Dialogue on Low-carbon Technologies and Vietnam’s Nationally Determined Contributions toward Connecting Policy, Technology, and Finance to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions. That one-day seminar on 13 May is jointly organized by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, and VCCI. On the second day of the EPIF, the 4th Korea–Vietnam Environment and Energy Cooperative Forum will be held.

    The exhibition at the SECC includes 200 standard booths displayed in a 5,000 square meter space. The environmental products, technologies, and services showcased include: steel and metal; polymers, ceramics, glass, and composite materials; renewable and recycled energy; chemicals for manufacturing; construction materials; electric/electronics and semiconductors; automotive components; and packaging. Other areas like housewares, IT, textiles, machinery and equipment, maintenance and cleaning services, reuse and recycling, waste management, energy recovery, water resources management, and reforestation services are also covered, as well as the conceptual categories of ecocities, ecoindustry, and ecotourism.

    APO Website: http://www.apo-tokyo.org

    EPIF (English): http://epif2017.com/en/home/

    Note to Editors: Please refer to the Fact Sheet and the list of earlier EPIFs below.


    About the APO

    The APO was established in 1961 as a regional intergovernmental organization with the mission of contributing to the socioeconomic development of the Asia-Pacific region through productivity promotion. The current membership comprises 20 economies. The APO supports its member countries through capacity-building efforts such as training courses, workshops, seminars, and other activities to enhance productivity.

    Eco-products International Fairs

    In 2003, the APO established the Green Productivity Advisory Committee (GPAC) to receive advice and assistance from successful Japanese corporations with excellent environmental track records. In 2004, following the recommendation of the GPAC, the APO launched the EPIF to strengthen international cooperation in greening supply chains in the Asia-Pacific region and to provide enterprises opportunities to expand their eco-businesses. As part of the APO mandate, the EPIF is also designed to enable governments to explore methods for greening their policies.

    The EPIF, held in a different APO member country each year, is now firmly established as the largest environmental exhibition in Asia. EPIFs have been held in Malaysia (2004), Thailand (2005 and 2016), Singapore (2006 and 2013), the Philippines (2007), Vietnam (2008), Indonesia (2010), India (2011), the ROC (2014), and Thailand (2016).